#1 Indian passport renewal in the US- other names/aliases

Hello, I’m going to apply for renewal of my Indian passport in USA via VFS New York. My question is regarding other names/aliases.

My school documents 10th and 12th certificates used the name format last initial first name. But after that since I moved cities all my documents used the format first name and last name. When I created my passport I had to give an affidavit stating that both names are mine and that was that. But the form itself said no the alias used question.

now that I’m renewing my passport I’m not using those 10th and 12th documents but rather all my US attained documents which are all in the format first name and last name.

is it safe to mark that No for question regarding ‘have you used any other name (aliases)?’

during my green card process and even renewal my lawyer stated that I didn’t use an alias in the US and only the formatting changed so it never was an issue and we marked not having used an alias. I don’t want to land in any confusion with Indian passport renewal by marking yes on it now

If you are not changing your name (incl. expanding of surname) in the renewal application as compared to original passport, you are good. Unless they go looking for older records (under alias/other name) and ask you to submit any affidavit again, it should be okie.

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Thank you for your kind and timely reply