135112 ICT project manager 190 NSW-85+5 points

We are currently in 482 short term in short term stream for ICT project manager .
However we have a valid ACS assessment for 261313 software engineer and submitted EOI for 189 and 190 with 85 and 90 points respectively with ACS assessment for 261313.
As we are 482 short term for ICT project manager 135112, are we eligible to apply EOI for NSW with 261313 or should we file for a new ACS assessment for ICT project manager and if we are submitting EOI for 135112 with 85+5 points what are our chances of invite given that 135112 has low availability. Please help.

Thanks in advance.

You can apply for PR visa as long as your have a valid assessment for that job code.

The final decision will be taken by the visa officer.

Thanks Anil. Do you know at what point will the visa office make this decision at the time of grant or invite.

Your application is seen by visa officer only at grant time meaning you would have paid the full fees.

If they deny, you will lose your money if that’s what you want to know.

Right thanks, then its a risk. just one more question.
for 135112 in 190 NSW the availability is low, in that case what are our chances for getting an invite with 90 points.

I don’t know the chances of invite. Sorry.

No worries. Thank you.