189/190 expected invitation for Registered Nurse!


What are the chances of receiving an invitation for the ANZSCO code (254415)- Registered Nurse (Critical care & emergency). I filed an EOI with 70 points on 17th July, 2019. After Nov, 2019 my points will increase to 80 as I will get an additional 10 points for being single. Do i stand a chance to get an invitation in Dec. round?

Many Thanks!

Hi @negi

You will have good chance of invite in December 2019.

Thank You @Anil.Gupta for your prompt answer. Really appreciated. :slight_smile:

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What are the chances from 189 and How much is expected time for invitation to be received for 254412 with 80 points from Queensland?

Chances are good with 80 points.

@Anil.Gupta, thank you so much for your good work.

Please what is the current trend for registered nurse for 190 and 189?

Thank you.

Hi @LD4

How many points do you have?

@Anil.Gupta, 75points for 189 and 80 points for 190 respectively. Thank you.

Chances are good but there is no guarantee of invite given the current trend.

Hello @Anil.Gupta Are you aware of any Registered Nurse (254415) who has received invitation from VIC with 80+5 points? My EOI date is 7/08/2019 and I don’t know how long the waiting period will be.

Hi @negi

I do not know anyone yet. The thing is that i contribute to many groups and i may not even remember anything even if anyone has really reported the invite in any of the groups.

Yeah, I can understand that. Thanks!

Hi @Anil.Gupta,

Please, I will like to know from your experience if 80 points is good enough for state nomination for Registered Nurse.

DOE: 2/2/2020.

When can I expect an invitation please?

Thank you very much.

Hi @LD4

Please don’t ask the same question again and again.

I don’t have any estimate to share as states do not share any data publicly.

80 points is a good score though.