189 Invitation chances after Nov 2019 rules and Plan B (190 and Spouse routes)


My fiance has applied for a 189 in feb 2019. Details: He is claiming 75 points, EA skills assessment as ‘Engineering Technologist’ - ANZSCO 233914. Currently this occupation has been getting invitation for 85 points.
After new rules come into play Nov 2018, he will get +10 points (single applications/spouse has PR).

What is you assessment of his chances of securing an invitation and by when?

Some other questions on our mind:

  • Should we apply for 190 as wait times are lower
  • Should we invest in a Partner visa (I am PR and can sponsor) even if wait time are 12-24 months (but outcome seems more certain than 189).


Hi @Saloni_Dikshit

The chances of getting invite are good after November 2019.

I would still suggest to keep all other options open and grab whatever gets you to Australia first.

Thanks Anil,

A follow up question: The 190 (Victoria) application asks something along the lines of: “would you be prepared to live outside a capital city location”

  • If we answer ‘yes’ (assuming that strengthens the application) is it binding/ do they hold you to it?

Hi @Saloni_Dikshit

It is not binding.