190 nurse (perioperative/nec)

Hi all,

I am an RN currently working in my nominated profession in NSW.

I lodged my NEC 190 with only 75 points initially 10/09/2021 and updated to 80 15/11/2021.

Currently waiting for Skill Assessment for PERIOPERATIVE with 85 (1 year experience added) and NEC (1 year experience will be 16/03/2022) granting me also 85.

What are the chances of being invited with 85 and should I expect a long wait?

Thanks all,

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Hey there!

Nobody can give you an exact timeline but being onshore and having 85 points, you stand a good chance of receiving an invite. Might just have to wait.

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Thanks for the reply!

Yeah, I definitely understand that there are no exact timelines. Just happy to know I am on a really good track of receiving an invite.