190 PR Grants - When will activites resume?

Hi Anil,

Any indications of PR grant resuming soon? I know it is a very difficult question to answer in this situation. But how are the other Govt. departments in Australia resuming activities? PR grants seem to be on total halt.

Anxiously waiting
I am Offshore applicant , lodged my application in Oct-19.

That’s actually a million dollar question right now :grin:

It’s a very difficult situation for all of us waiting for a grant, especially offshore applicants. I believe they will start giving grants as and when the international borders open up so may be in the meantime they are keeping all the offshore grants ready and once the pandemic situation settles down and under control, there might be rains of offshore grants. This is one assumption which I like to believe and it keeps me sane and hopeful. lol

Well, anyway we are still a lucky lot who have received the invitations and lodged the visa Pre-Covid. Because now DHA is just handpicking people in relation to 189 invitations and states are being choosy as well.

So, keep your fingers crossed and may be do some meditation for piece of mind :smiley:

Btw may i know your occupation code?

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Oct 2019 is still fine. I am March 2019 applicant and still no update on 190 PR for ICT Business analyst. :weary:

Are you onshore or offshore? Also, did you have any CO contacts yet?

I am in India. CO contact in March this year as they cudnt reach my HR. They wanted to verify if I actually work in the org. Sent all justifications etc on immi doc section. Nothing post that. Last communication was 6th mar 2020

If the lockdown might not have come into place in Mid-March, I believe you would have received your grant after that CO contact. It’s just a sad state of affairs right now.
They don’t want more offshore people with PR enter Aus and contribute to the already increased unemployment rate and take up centerlink benefits thus again being a burden on the govt. It’s just wait and watch for now.
I have lodged my application on 6th March, 2020 so yeah it will be a longgggg waiting time for me too. But being a RN (Critical care & Emergency) by profession, I just hope it doesn’t take that long as well. Can’t be sure but another assumption that keeps me sane. :crazy_face: