190 Processing time already crossed 10 month

  1. I lodge visa application on 28 march 2019
  2. File open in 14-01-2020 for document verification.
  3. Employment verification done 27-02-2019.

But still not any update and same status is received application
Can you have any idea how much time take ? It is already cross there time limit 10month to 11 month.

Hi @ronak_patel

It is taking long time to get PR grant these days. I think it is delayed even more due to Coronavirus closures.

Don’t worry. I am in same boat as you. Applied on 30th March 2019. Although processing time is 10-11 months, given the situation, things are delayed.


are you appy in 190?

Yes I have applied 190 NSW

right now are you in Australia??
stop work about visa related??

Hi All
Processing time is different for different country application ?