190 visa - case officer - not assigned yet

I have submitted my application with 70 points & Victoria state Nomination inthe month of February. I have not done my medicals yet. i have not been contacted by a case officer yet. should I get my family & own self medical done before the CO is assigned?

by when should be a case officer will be assigned to my case?

Not sure why you have not done the medicals yet.

You are delaying the processing time of your application yourself by sitting on it.

If you have done the medicals and submitted all documents, the case officer will directly issue a PR.

Hi Anil,
My agent asked me not to get my wife’s medical done as we were blessed with a baby girl in this March. Me and my son hv done our medicals. My son has got a 12mm ring in PPD test which is considered false positive for ppl frm India who hv been shot with a BCG vaccine.

As per my agent once case officer is assigned he will ask fr my wife’s medical that time I can tell him about my daughter and then he may wave off her fees.

Ok… all the best it you are working as per your agent’s advise.