190 Visa Employment Contract Rule

Hello everyone

We are looking to apply for a 190 Visa for a Registered Nurse from the UK. But on the WA Gov website it says…

“You must have a contract of employment in your nominated occupation for full time employment in Western Australia, for at least 6 months from the date of your application for State nomination”.

But we are offshore, and applications can take longer than 6 months, right?

And the time between the Pre-Invite and Submitting the Application is 60 days I believe.

My question is when should we start looking for an employer?

We could get one before the Pre-Invite but we don’t know when that invitation would come of course. It could be 4 months or 18 months, why would an employer offer a employment contract without knowing when we will arrive? Or is this just a common situation employers find themselves in and they keep you on some sort of list until you are invited to apply?

But if we get one after the Pre-Invite is sent to us, we only have 60 days to find an employer and which doesn’t seem enough time, and what happens if the 60 days pass without an offer?


I suggest to get an employer and then file the EOI. You will have very good chance of invite of you already have a job offer.

Thanks Anil it does make sense.

My only concern is the employment contract has to be valid for 6 months from the application date.

If the application takes longer than 6 months, is the employer allowed to send an updated employer contract with new dates?

If the employer backs out during the process, does the Visa Officer allow you time to find another employer?

The condition is that employer contract should be valid for at least 6 months.