190 visa invite chances for anzsco 313113 web administrator

Dear friend s,
I am from middleware admin background with BE ECE, have got positive skill assessment for web administrator skill and having points 85 - 80+5(state nomination) but in NSW, Vic, WA and most of the state my skill occupation is not listed in state demand list which means am I not able to file EoI nor eligible for PR 190 category?
Or should i change the occupation nomination instead of web admin as my skill falls under system integration too
please advise me on the chances of Invite

please advice me on this

It is better to choose a different ANZSCO code that matches your profile if current one does not have any scope.

Thanks Anil for your reply
But in my reference letter i had to wrote my Roles responsibility limited hence only i described my knowledge on web administrator part and not mentioned system integration area.So

  1. should i obtain fresh reference letter from my employer highlighting my duties wrt new occupation code because in my old reference letter systems integration skills are mentioned but JD i didnt

  2. if we provide another new reference letter will ACS agree.

  3. Can i go with acs under review option for validate my new occupation selected with new reference letter
    Please advise

You will have to get new reference letters, if the new code requires a different skill set.

ACS allows filing multiple assessment for different job codes. So, if your reference letters are real, they may give positive result.

Hi Anil,

My skillset tools are fine in my old reference letter which suits new code but new code releated jd is missing

Hi Anil,

I have one more query, incase i go with acs review option for another new occupation with new refernce letter then ACS do consider my newly uploaded refernce letter or old refernce lettet(has less jd) that i am unable to delete
. Or i should start a fresh application.

Review is only to revisit same letters that you already submitted.

You need a new assessment if you are changing ANZSCO code.

Got it , thank you Anil