1st Time H1b visa stamping with Public Intoxication Case


I’m currently on H1B visa and planning to visit India after 7 years. I got arrested on Public Intoxication case back in April 2017 which is 6 and half years back and since then I never visited India. I hired attorney at that time and I was asked to complete Alcohol Awareness Class. After finishing the Alcohol Awareness Class, the case was dismissed and also EXPUNGED. I got 2 H1B renewals with out any issues since then. Now since I’m planning to visit India, I’m concerned about if I get into any visa stamping issues due to my arrest record. Below are my questions. Please advise.

  1. Do I need to declare “Yes” in DS 160 form for ‘Have you ever been arrested’ question?
  2. If I plan to go for visa stamping in Mexico, are there any better chances of visa approval? Or it doesn’t matter even in India also? Which location would be better/faster for visa stamping approval with arrest record?
  3. Are there any chances of 221g due to my arrest record?
  4. Will I be asked to go through medical evaluation though it was like 6 and half years back?
  5. Will there be any chances of visa refusal due to my arrest record?

Can any one please address my questions? Appreciate your reply.

I think your chances of getting 221g are high.

You should declare it on DS160.

Chances between Mexico and Indian cannot be guessed as this depends a lot on the visa officer who gets assigned to your case.