221(g) Pending - Petition Expired- New Visa Application with extension approved petition

Hi all,

I got my initial H1 approved from Oct 2019 to Jan 2021.

I went to my visa stamping on Jan 22nd 2020 and I was issued 221(g).

I have lost my job because of my absence for longer period of time and petition expired in Jan 2021 while it is in administrative processing. It has been 2 years now and no decision has been made.

Fortunately, my employer filed an extension petition and it got approved in USCIS in Feb 2022 until Jan 2025.

So i have requested customer care to withdraw previous visa application(221(g)) to make appointment for new visa application with new approved petition.

Should i wait until i get withdrawal confirmation email from consulate or shall i proceed in filling DS-160, making payment for new application?

Now given that I am withdrawing my application, I am eligible for dropbox/interview-waiver?

Please suggest.