221g Blue slip case status refused - Stuck in India

Hi Anil,

I came to India on a family emergency on Jan 9th, 2020. I did not have a valid H1b visa to go back as my location amendment was just filed 3 months ago ( Oct 2019 ) and I had only receipt notice and not approval notice. So my employer did a premium and I got the amendment approved on Feb 27th, and my employer booked a dropbox appointment on Mar 4th 2020 as I was eligible for dropbox in the Chennai consulate/embassy.

On Mar 6th, I checked the status where it was mentioned to pick the passport. I went to the VAC center and found the 221g blue slip asking for a client letter.

My employer submitted the client letter the next week itself on Mar13th 2020 and the embassy has received it. I am waiting for the update from their end for the last 3 weeks, still no update and my case last update status is still showing as 6th Mar 2020. I am guessing is this due to the coronavirus situation. I left my home in the USA just like that and I am working in India for the same client. I am afraid that the client\employer will not hold my position if the decision comes too late. Can you please provide your guidance/support on how to move forward?

US embassy is working on applications which do not need any personal interaction.

But, Coronavirus may have increased the total time due to multiple closures. Have patience and you should be able to get approval soon.

Thanks Anil for your reply.

Can I email the [support-india@ustraveldocs.com] at this time to know the status of my case or can I wait for a week atleast ?

You can email and you will receive a standard reply.