221g blue slip , retained passport and additional documents asked

Hi Sir

I was done with Interview on January 13th 2021, in Delhi and officer asked about my job , job duties etc later she gave blue slip asking about petitioner tax returns for past 2 years,

I have submitted them on Jan 14th
when can i expect a reply from Consulate?

Did you applied for Drop box visa?

No , mine is regular interview
first time h1b

@nishanth_ksb is your first time h1b stamping is with change of status ( i mean f1 to h1b) or you are travelling to US for first time ?

In advance thanks for your reply.

hi @msr

This is my first time h1b stamping but i am coverting from f1to h1b

i was on f1 from january 2016 to oct 2020 now i have attended for my h1b stamping.


Everything will be good, update here once your visa stamped.

thanks @msr , how many days usually it takes for this 221g process after submitting documents

thanks in advance

Hi Nishanth,

Did you get your passport stamped? Or any update on your case?