221g Bogotá Colombia

Good evening everyone, I hope this the correct thread to write under.

My mom recently had her visa interview at the us embassy in bogota Colombia on June 16,2021. They kept some documents such as, her birth certificate, marriage certificate to my dad (her husband), my dads divorce certificate from his previous marriage, Colombian police record, and her 5x5 visa photos. The consular official wouldn’t answer any of my moms questions and simply asked for her email and handed over a white 221g slip. No further documents are requested. oh and then after the interview my mom realized that they placed a random sticky note on the front of her passport with a date of dec 4,2021. She has no idea what this means.

My mom has been living with us in the states for more than 20 years, she has no one in Colombia. The lawyer never even mentioned this as a possibility. We are all devastated.

How long will this process take? any advice or experience would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A white form indicates a complex category under 221(g). This slip denotes the need for further processing wherein it is handed over to the USCIS and the decision is finally taken based on the information gained from the USCIS.

What visa she was living with you in the US?

This process takes from few days to several months based on kind if information the consular officer is seeking whether from the candidate or internally from USCIS/CBP etc.

You should consult your lawyer/ immigration attorney re: her 221g and take further advice.

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