221g Chennai for Client letter - Client does not issue any - Can we submit this in writing to Embassy

Issued 221G during H1B interview asking for client letter in Chennai.

Returned passports and asked to mail client letter…

Am from one of India top mnc…

Unfortunately my client won’t provide the same as per their policy…

I have received a letter from client to my company stating above line and same should be given by employer.

Planning to send employer letter and client policy letter given to my company.

Is this sufficient to get positive update??

Hi @Kumard

You have no other option but to submit this client declaration that they do not issue any such letter.

Rest is up-to the visa officer to decide as to what they want to do. I cannot really say what decision he will take. Embassy may try to validate the end client job and work via other means or other paperwork that you submit.


Hope I will get positive response…

@Anil.Gupta is it ok to send follow up mails to consulate after 221g submission

Hi @Kumard

The normal rule that most US embassies follow is to allow you to contact them after 60 days.

But, i have seen people sending emails every couple of days. You can also send email but you will receive the standard response.

Your choice.

Hi @Anil.Gupta, I received mail to submit below

copy of the contract/MOU between the U.S-based petitioner and the client.

Is SOW suffecient for this or do I need to include any ??

Please update

Hi @Kumard

You should submit both master services agreement and SOW.

Thanks Anil for quick reply

Hi Kumar,
Even I am in same position my client wont provide and i lost my job during this covid. I received a mail from chennai asking for latest client letter. dont know what to do