221g Response should be submit by Employer(Petitioner) or Employee

I have received 221g and they mentioned to submit document to embassy office through email id they mentioned the below screenshot. Could you please confirm me whether this document should be submitted by petitioner or me.

Anybody can submit the documents. It does not matter.

You can ask your employer to send them directly to embassy or you can send them.

Hi Anil,
Thanks for your response. I have submitted the requested documents through mail as per the 221g on 27th April 2021. Till now i didn’t receive any mail confirmation that documents received and CEAC status showing as refused from the interview date(March12th 2021).
Could you please suggest me that how many days or weeks it will take for process or do i get any mail again from the embassy or need to check the status in CEAC?

Could you please tell me what are the next steps once we submit 221g.

Hi Kumar, I am in the same boat.
I was asked to submit client letter plus job duties.
Any change in your status ?

Hi Pavan,

No I dint get any response till now. When did u submitted ur documents?

May 13th.
Just got a generic response from US consulate.

Hi Pavan,

I sent mail to Kolkata consulate on 27th April. Till now i didn’t receive any confirmation mail or any other info from team. Did u sent mail to which consulate please.

Normally do we receive any confirmation mail once they received our docs?

I emailed documents to Chennai consulate on May 13th. Got the below response.

"Dear Applicant,

Greetings from U.S. Consulate General, Chennai.

Thank you for your email. We will update your record with the information provided.

The U.S. Consulate in Chennai is providing limited appointments for routine non-immigrant visa processing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will resume regular visa services as soon as possible, but are unable to provide a specific date at this time. We kindly request that you do not send inquiries about the status of your case during this period.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Finally, collected my passport today with Visa stamped.
Timeline -
April 19th - dropped passports at Bangalore for Chennai consulate.
April 27th - status refused
May 10th - collected passports with 221g (asked to email client letter and job duties…so lame)
May 14th - emailed the documents to ChennaiHL
May 26th - emailed USC kid documents to ChennaiHL and ChennaiCIU
June 15th - sent first follow-up email got generic response…due to covid blah blah bull
continued sending follow-up emails saying I have urgent medical needs for my USC kid (vaccination overdue, letter from pediatrician)
July 27th - emailed asking for an update
July 29th - another email asking for an update
July 30th - received email from ChennaiHL saying they are reviewing my application
Aug 2nd - email from ChennaiHL to drop passport
Aug 3rd - dropped passports at Hyderabad (yes its allowed)
Aug 6th - status changed to Admin Processing
Aug 9th - Issued
Aug 13th - collected passport

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Have you received any update from them?
Could you please tell me your case current status.

Thank you.

Hi Kumar,

Could you please contact me on yuvak961@gmail.com

Thank you