221g white slip with no administrative processing checked

I have submitted asked documents for 221g white slip from Chennai consulate on 16th December. My 221g did not have checked “Your application requires additional administrative processing”. And was just asked to submit court documents for an arrest I had 7 years ago. I had 2 stamps before this and wasn’t asked for it.

Anyone has idea on how long will it take ? My employer is pushing me for timeline for returning. My ceac shows Refused and ustraveldocs shows “Document Delivery Information”. When emailing passport status check email it shows “No information available” . What does this mean ?

Hi @George_Mathew2 Can you share your status? Were you given visa? Is this dropbox appointment or in person interview?

@George_Mathew2 what is the status? Did u get a response? what’s the response? How long did it take?

Got approved today after 2 months of wait

Congratulations!! @George_Mathew2 Thank you for your reply. What other documents were you asked to submit during your waiting period?