221g whiteslip after Dropbox

Hi Anil,

I planned to change my status from H1B to H4. Since I am eligible for Dropbox I dropped my documents on Feb16 in Chennai consulate.

My spouse and kid got visa stamped. Myself got 221g and asked to appear for interview. Attended interview on March 11. Visa officer informed me that my visa has been approved , I will receive the passport in 3-5 business days. Unfortunately after 10 days on March 22, I got an 221g through email and I was asked to fillup a Questionnaire document which has question about 15 years of history about work and addresses. But no form names was mentioned in the email or in the document. But I could see the word document has the same info present in the form DS5535.

Could you please let me know what could be the reason for this 221g and how long will it take to get my visa stamp☹️.

Thanks in advance !!

Thanks Anil. Yes I read your post regarding 221g. But someone told me if the form name (DS5535) is not mentioned anywhere in the email, then security check is not issued on my profile. Is that true ?

So wanted to get some clarity on this also the timing of these kind of cases. … have you came across these kind of 221gs. :pensive::pensive:

It does not matter if they have mentioned DS5535 anywhere or not.

The fact that they have asked about the 15-year history itself makes it clear that it is a security-related inquiry.