233512 Mechanical Engineer chance of invite for 189

Hi @Abhishek

You may get an invite by Feb 2020 but chances are low as per my estimation. I do not want to demotivate but as per the current trend and new changes coming up in November 2019, the chances of 70 point EOI will go down even further.

Nobody knows how many fresh EOIs are lodged everyday. Hence, you cannot ignore that as well.

Hi Anil,

When can I expect an invite for 75 points with EOI date 12-Sept-2019 for Mechanical Engineer. Also my wife has positive skill outcome letter and competent english, which makes my points 80 after 16-Nov-2019.

Thanks and Much Appreciated

This is for 189 visa

Hi @Meer123

I do not have any estimate at this time but your chances are good with 80 points after Nov 2019.

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Thanks- Anil for your valuable feedback. Any guess for invite timeline based on ur experience.

Well that’s True, I just made an Hypothetical case saying in balance 500 remaining i might a chance. So basically the probability is 50% to get invited after like Jan/Feb’20

Hi @Anil.Gupta , I’d like to commend you for helping out PR hopefuls like me with your advice. Thank you so much from all of us.

I just wanted your opinion on when I can expect my invite. I lodged my EOI on 11-Feb-2019 with 70 points. I am single, so after November, I will have 80 points.
Will the extra points change my Date of effect?
If not, when can I approximately expect my Invite?

Thank you again.

@Tashan, @Anil.Gupta thinks that the addition of points will change DOE.

Its unfair to speculate how it will go unless a round passes with new rules.


Thanks- Anil for your valuable feedback, any guess on estimated timeline, when can I receive an invite based on ur experience.


I have applied for EOI on 3rd Oct 2019 for 233512 Mechanical engineer with 75pts for 189 visa and 80 points for 190 visa, my points will increase by 5 from after Nov 2019 because my spouse will earn 5 points for her English competency. My question for experts

  1. what are the chances of an invite
  2. when can I expect an invite
  3. when and how to update my existing EOI to add my spouse english competency details

Hi @karthik

The chance of invite will be good with 80 points.
You have to log in to your skillselect account and then update your spouse English score.

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Hi Anil,

Thank you for the reply, how about getting an invite for 190 category, I have applied for Victoria with 80 points now, it will be 85 in Nov2019.


I have filed the EOI on 22 Oct 2019 with 80 points in 233512. When can i expect to get the invite ?

Hi @Nitesh_Mathur

You have good chance of invite in Nov draw.

Hi Anil
Now as the October draw is out, do you still think i have chance of getting invite in November
EOI date 22 Oct 2019
Category 189
80 points in 233512 ( Mechanical Engineer).
Awaiting for your feedback.

Hi Anil
Please revert on my above query.

Sorry @Nitesh_Mathur

It is not possible for me to keep answering same thing after every draw. You should wait till the Nov draw has happened.

Hi Anil,

When Can Expect to have 190 visa invite with 85 points EOI filed 17-Nov2019

This for victoria state

Hi @Meer123

You have good chance of invite in next draw with 85 points.

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