261111 - NSW PR grant experience

Hi All, we got our PR granted today, and it was a direct grant.


Great news Rejeesh. Congratulations. Is it 189 or 190? how many people were included in the application? Just want to know if they are holding applications with more number of people in application. Thanks and Congrats once again.

Thanks Shivacharan. I had applied under 190, I never even waited for 189 invites - applied soon as I received 190 invite. This was back in March when a number of parameters got changed, quota was dropped and 189 invites plummeted to 100s. I’m glad I did not wait for 189 because if I did I would still be waiting for that invite without luck.

My application had my family as applicants ie; my wife daughter and myself. I’m not sure if the number of applicants could be that big of a deal as long as you have their PCC and Health done. But the number of jobs you have held might be a factor though - meaning the more jobs you have held more the paper trail for verification and they are likely to verify all of them for which you are claiming points. And if you are claiming spouse points same applies your spouse also.

Above all, in my personal opinion, the ANZSCO code and ‘state’ defines the processing time for the most part since that would determine the Case Officer getting assigned. Mine was 261111 and NSW. Its a matter of luck also. I have seen that several ICT BA’s lodged after me has gotten DG.

All said - the only option is to sit tight and wait for it happen.

Hope you get yours soon! Good luck Shivacharan!

Congrats Rejeesh …!! Best wishes… With my 85 points post the changes this weekend for 189 should get me a invite soon. You are lucky that you got an invite prior to the new rules kicking in for 190 for NSW. Best wishes and do well and might catch you soon… :wink:

Thanks Rejeesh. Hope to get the GRANT soon. Me too applied for 190 as soon I received the invitation, didn’t wait for 189. Am looking at all possible factors, hence asked question about number of people in the application. As you said, processing time definitely depends on ANZSCO code and state. Mine is 261313 and NSW, logdement in May. I had worked for only 2 companies and didn’t claim for spouse points. Had provided all possible documents including PCC from India and Australia. Hope to hear good news soon…

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Hi, mine case is same, after nov 16, my points will be upgraded to 85 from 80. But I think 85 post Nov 16 would be old 80 or 75 which may introduce some further delay. Though I would be very happy if proved wrong :blush:

Thank you anonymous15! My recommendation would be to place your bets on 190 since 189 take longer to get invited (people with similar points as yours are waiting for over 7 months now) and even longer to get granted (the current processing time stands at ‘upto 33 months’).

Good luck to you!

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Hi Promod, That is my perspective as well, these additional points will eventually end up bumping the cut off score since a significant population will be eligible for this. Will have a clearer picture when Dec invite data is out.


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Hi Rejeesh,
Congrats !!! I have could of questions which might be helpful:

  • When did you file your EOI for NSW PR190.
  • Were you residing in NSW already and had 1yr NSW experience (if i am correct, this is a condition for NSW PR190 for ICT BA).
  • How much points you had for NSW PR 190.
  • How much exp and english level your EOI include.

Thanks and Regards

Sure Rahul here you go;

  • When did you file your EOI for NSW PR190. EOI - Early March 2019
  • Were you residing in NSW already and had 1yr NSW experience (if i am correct, this is a condition for NSW PR190 for ICT BA). No I have been offshore the whole time and no, there is no such mandate of 1yr nsw exp.
  • How much points you had for NSW PR 190. 85 Points for 190 and 80 for 189
  • How much exp and english level your EOI include. 8+ years of relevant exp (per ACS) and superior English

Hope that helps! and if you have any specific question please shoot :smiley:

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Hi Rejeesh,

My I ask you what documents they asked for your spouse ?

Arnav, that depends on whether you claim points for spouse or not.

If you don’t, you will just need the below

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Passport
  • National ID (Aadhar should do)
  • Police Clearance Certificate and
  • Health Assessment

And if you claim points, then you need everything listed above and

  • ACS (or which ever is your professional body) - for this there is a bunch of different documents required such as ‘roles and responsibilities document’ with employer seal, pay slips, all educational certificates etc
  • PTE (or any other test) 50+ in all sections
  • Proof of employment documents (pay slips, tax returns, experience letter etc)

with the new points system you will get 5 points for Proficient English and another 5 points for successful ACS. Earlier it was just 5 points for doing the whole song and dance :slight_smile:

In short, if you are claiming spouse points you will require the whole set of documents same as main applicant and if not, just the basic few documents

Hope that helps!


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Congrats Rajeesh. Very delighted to hear you received the grant direct. I too thought if number of people are more it affects as I have applied for NsW and it’s for me and my husband. I have applied for same ANZSCO code and waiting. On Nov 11 just received email said it’s gone into processing. Did you also receive such a email before the grant?

Thanks Aparna! I did not receive any such notification. Did the status in your immi account also change to ‘Assessment in progress’ ? in that case a co-contact could be on cards for you. or else it could be a direct grant. Here is some more information about various application status in the immi-ac. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/help-text/online-account/Documents/status_immiaccount.pdf

Hope you get yours soon, good luck!

No status on immi s received. But I got this email from GSM Adelaide that ur application s gone into processing. And it had some position number. It says Assessment commence.

The point 2 holds from this year nov …stay in nsw for a year is a new criteria added.

Hi Aparna, Not all applicants receive this “Assessment commencement” email, I think its upto assigned CO to communicate through email. Hope you will get Direct Grant soon. Me too lodged with ANZSCO code and state, and waiting. By the way, when was your lodgement date?

I paid fees on 30th March and Medicals were done by April 4.

@Rejeesh_Mathew - Point number 2, for 261111 and 261112 for NSW they have put a new criteria that no offshore applicant would be eligible for this code as per my knowledge. Hence I am keen for 189 with 85 points now :slight_smile:

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I hope one day i will also post the good news of my grant under 189.
It been 8 months now and have not received anything .
the processing time keeps on changing on portal .when applied it was 6 to 8 months >>8 to 12 months>>
12 to 20 months>>18 to 33 months and now again 12 to 20 months.
God know when and what is correct time :frowning: