261313 - Chances of invite for 189 in 2020 based on the latest status

Discuss 261313 Software Engineer Chance of Invite in 2020.

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I have 85 points and planning to submit my EOI - 190 for Victoria . So with 90 points is there a chance of invite and how long it may take? Please advise.


The chances are low for an invite for 261313 with 80/85 points at per current trend.

Unless, the number of invites are increased by Australian immigration, the chances will remain low.

What is the chance of Invite for 261313 with 85 points with the current trend?
Do you think I should apply for 491?


Hi Anil,

I need your suggestion.Actually I have applied for 189 visa with 80 points and for NSW and victoria with 85 points for Job code 261313 software engineer.
I know, currently trends shows cut-off at 95 points. I am planning to visit and take NAATI test. So that i will get 5 more points.
So just wanted your suggestion that i should go to Australia for Naati or shall i wait with my current points i.e. 189 visa with 80 points and for NSW and victoria with 85 points…

Please suggest.

Guys, i cannot predict any invite concretely.

It is always better to have more points to have better chances of invite.

Current trend is 95 and it may just come down to either 90 or 85 in about 6-7 months if the high number of invites are sent each month.

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Yes I’m planning to give NAATI as well. No other option left to get an invite. Will be at 85 for 189 then.

@Anil.Gupta : I have a score of 75 for 189 261313(software engineer) is there any chance of invitation?
And 80 for Victoria state nomination 190


Dear Anil,
My score is 85 for 261313 & DoE is 16 Nov 2019. Are there any chances of invite before coming July round??


Hi @Dew_Ghosh

Chances are low for an invite with 75/80 points at this time.

Hi @Raspreet_Kaur

85 points are good but i cannot estimate the time. Sorry.

Hi @Anil.Gupta,

I have submitted an EOI at 85 points for 189 in July 2019 and at 90 points for VIC and NSW. No luck yet.
I feel NSW has put a criteria that they need 1 year professional experience in 190, but what about VIC ?..any chances of getting an invite from VIC at 90 points? …And with 85 points do I stand a chance to get invited under 189 ? …Please advise.

Hi @Rohit_Deshpande

Chance of invite is good with 90 points. I can’t say when though.

Thanks Anil, will hope for the best :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @Anil.Gupta ,

Looking at the Jan 2020 invitation round, 1000 candidates were invited (189) and the min score was 90.
Any idea how many 189 visas are left for this year and any predictions what might be the lowest scores going forward ?
Also, any news on NSW (190) will be helpful too.


Hi @sumit

There is no guarantee of how many invites will be sent in next draw. Australia immigration has been changing it every month. Nobody knows the criteria.

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I have 80 points for 189. This includes spouse points for PTE. But I have a problem - In october I will lose my age points. Should I make effort to get 5 more spouse point through ACS? or can i expect my eoi to get picked up before that? I submitted in Nov 2019.