261313 Software Engineer Chance of Invite 2019 Archive

Is there chance of invite with 80 points under 2613 category applied on 1-Dec-2019

Hi Anil,
I have applied eoi Australia for 261313, as per new rules my present points are 80 for 189 and 85 for 190, what are my realistic chances of getting invite either under 189 or 190??
Do you suggest me to improve the points, as I can improve my pte scores??

I suggest to please read my previous replies for same points. I am unable to respond to each person individually with same points and same question.

Thanks for your understanding.

Hello Anil
So after latest Jan 2020 draw, is 80 points for 2613 still having any chance for 189?

We have filed application on 24 Feb 2019 with 75 points under Software programmer 261313 for Visa 189.
Can we get invite in 11th April 2019 round?

The chances are very good for your invite on April 11, 2019 if you have filed EOI with 75 points for Software Engineer.

Thanks for your reply Anil.

  1. We have also applied EOI for 190 for New South Whales. Date of effect 24th Feb 2019.
    What is the expectation of Invite for 190 for New South Whales.

  2. Can you please tell what is the grant time after we get invite for a) 189 and b) 190?

  3. Breakup for my application points is as follows:
    Age: 30
    English: 10
    Spouse: 5

The chances are good for 190 NSW invite as well.

You can find the Australia PR processing time once you file your invitation documents.

Hi Anil,

Do you have any idea about today’s invitation round?
Has it happened? Any updates?
We have not received any email yet.

Many people have reported that they have not received invite yet.

So, i am assuming that draw did not happen.

Will inform as and when i hear something.

I have just submitted EOI for 189 under 261313 Software Engineer with 75 points(with PTE). What are the realistic chances for getting invite in May 2019 draw. After May i will loose 10 points due to age. What are the other ways where i can increase points.

Chances are good for an invite in May 2019 draw with 75 points for software engineer.

All options to increase your Australia PR points are available here:

Thanks Anil for quick reply.

Hi… I have submitted EOI under 261312(developer programmer) under 189 and 190 with 70 +5(state sponsorship) points.
What are the realistic chances of me getting an invite this year?
I will get 5 more points for experience but in next year sept. Will the EOI still be valid?

The chances of invite for software engineer with 70 points are very low.

The EOI stays valid for 2 years from the date of first launch.

Your best chance to get an invite will be with 75 points.

Hello Anil,

I submitted EOI on 10th April for 189 Visa. When can I expect the invite? What is the probability in May?


Thanks for the reply Anil.

Have heard that there will be new pointing system introduced in November this year.

Not sure what all qualifications are there in their STEM list that would qualify 10points.

Keeping the fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t2:

The chances of invite are good for an invite with 75 points for 261313 software Engineer in May 2019 draw.

Thanks for your reply, Anil