485 EAD and H4, H1 Status

Can My Spouse use the I485 EAD while primary applicant (Husband) can still work on H1B?

Once we have receive our I485 - EAD cards, can spouse use EAD and work while husband continue to use H1B? Does it impact in anyway the adjudication of I 485? What will happen to H4 once spouse starts working on EAD? And if GC is denied what happens to H4 Status…

While entering back into USA can we use H1B visa for myself and AP for my wife? Your expertise will be helpful here!



H4 will automatically get invalid. The status will change from H4 to pending AOS.

As mentioned above there will be no H4 status once AOS EAD is used. If I485 is denied the person using AOS EAD will be out of status, will need to leave the USA and can enter back to the US after getting H4 visa stamp if the primary still hold H1B status.


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