485-EAD Vs H4-EAD

My I-140 has been approved, my I-485 has been pending for more than 180 days. My Priority Date is current for more than 6 months now. But my EAD (based on pending 485) has not arrived yet (Covid delays). I am planning to change employer, into a similar role. My options are to wait for EAD or file for H1B transfer (h1B is my current status with current employer).

Now, my wife’s H4-EAD is due to expire in couple of months.
I have already requested an EAD for her (Based on my 485) - but looks like its taking forever. What are our options to keep her job if I make the move to new employer.

Should I ask the new employer to file for my H1B transfer, and also her H4 ? and H4-EAD ?
If so - what will happen to her current EAD application (based on my 485) thats in process?

The whole immigration process has been a decade long cluster -fck - and could really use your comments/advise.

Many thanks.