491 what are the benefits ? is it same as 190?

Hi Anil ,
I have the option of applying for 190 and 491. I wanted to know on 491 do we get same set of benefits slimier to 190 from day one. such as

  1. Medicare
  2. Children school & Day care benefits and any other

Thank you in advanced

491 is not a PR. It is just a visa but you may get eligible for PR later.

190 is a direct PR with all facilities included. You can work in any field.

190 PR is much better than 491 and my suggestion is to target 189 and 190 first, if you are eligible.

Hi Anil ,

Thank you for your response. Im applying under ICT project manager.

  • 190 - 80 point ( 75+5)
  • 491 - 90 point ( 75+15)
  • My spouse points also added on above ( ACS + IELTS = total 10 points)
  1. What is the probability of getting visa. once applied roughly how long will it take?
  2. I was thinking to first apply on 190 and wait for about 3-4M and if no response receive go for 491. What is your recommendation on this approach ?

Thank you for your time

I don’t think you will get an invite for 491 or 190 with these points. Do not add the points until you have been invited by state.

My suggestion is to try for 189.

Thanks for the quick response.
Unfortunately ICT project manager does not come under 189.

Ohh sorry. I did not realize it earlier.

Then, there is no estimate that i can provide at this time as states do not share their invite data.

They send invites based on job code demand.

Hi Anil ,

From where can I track or follow the invite details ?

Also , My husband can apply on 189 under Software Engineer and he will get partner points as well ( ACS+ IELTS = 10) but still the maximum he can score is 75.

On 189 will there be chance with 75 points compared to 190 ?

Thank You so much


Please check the software engineer chance of invite discussion here.

The chances of invite with 75 points in 189 category for any 2613 code are low at this time.