60 days since RFE response

I know a lot of people are probably in the same boat but it’s been more than 60 days since my submission of RFE response (i-693 medical forms) and there are still no updates from USCIS on my i-485 applications.

I believe after the 60-day mark you can contact USCIS. I have tried to call but their updated automated system has been coded so that you can never get a live person to talk with. I’ll try Emma soon.

Has anyone been able to get in touch with a Customer Service Rep about the same thing? If so, what were they able to do for you? Or did they just submit a case service request for you?

Since its the start of the new fiscal year, the approvals may be slow.

Also, the i485 Medical RFE resolves faster if the time is later part of the fiscal year. First 6 months of fiscal year are usually slow for them and they take their own time.

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I submitted my RFE towards the end of FY 2020 (received by USCIS on August 11th) and even with their rushing to process GCs in bulk towards the end of FY2020 to minimize wastage, I still didn’t make the cut.

Perhaps the per-country capita was reached for Vietnamese applicants.

Fingers crossed for some good news soon.