60 days visa validity for COVID-19 situation

Hi Anil,
I have couple of questions and will appreciate your feedback. I was laid off on May 8 and am approaching 60 day grace period. My I-94 is valid till 2022 and I-140 is approved.

  1. If i have an offer letter but visa paperwork not filed before grace period ends, am i out of status and does it become consular processing ? Any recent similar cases where USCIS has been lenient with COVID-19 as special circumstance and that consulates are closed ?
  2. If consular processing, can i travel to Canada and get visa stamp and enter in US or its not possible till the executive order is cancelled ?
  3. Can i file for I-539 myself or does it have to be through employer who files for my H1B ?
  4. If i do status change to B2, how easy it is to get back on H1B ?


If I have an offer in hand before 60 days grace period BUT visa transfer process will go beyond the grace period - any thoughts ?

If I do COS will there be problems getting back to H1 ?

Did you read the linked articles?