A-21113-77631 08/03/2021 APPROVED User Comments PERMTracker

A-21113-77631 08/03/2021 APPROVED

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Hi, Did you update the status after you learned from your employer or attorney or AM22 gave you the update ?

Big Congratulations by the way.

Will AM22 give update too? Didn’t know that

Will AM22 also give the update? Didn’t know that.

AM22 doesn’t confirm approvals. Case approvals should be coming only from attorney or employer. AM22 provides the estimates based on the current trend and the cases shared by other users.

If the app says that your case should have been approved by now, it means that your case can be approved anytime now.

Perm approvals seem to have slowed down this month…

I am still waiting for July 23rd filing date.

Me too. July 21 is filing date.

Cases updating and deleting with out proper timelines. This leading to loose trust on tracking estimates

I agree, I am unable to see any approvals for cases which were filed earlier in July.

me too in same boat. Whats your PD and category

AM22 is estimating and guessing dates based on inputs they are getting from updates they receive from us. What you get to know if someone updates an idea which date file got processed… nothing much. AM22 is adding max days to your filing date and showing as estimate. Every day they keep updating that date by 1 day unless the average days to approve drastically changes.