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@Sirigiriramya @Anil Gupta, do you think it is wise to send PERM help desk an email to check on the status? my HR is OOO for a month and haven’t checked PERM online yet. What you think of me sending email inquiry to help desk?

Hi Kapil – Since the DOL is still working on June applications, I’d suggest waiting till end of this month. You can check the status here - Processing Times | Flag.dol.gov. Also, reach out to your attorney they might have an update. In my case my attorney was able to track my application status apart from my HR. I was equally worried seeing other applications filed after me getting approved. I’m not sure its FIFO or not, but I’d say just hold on till end of this month and then email and you can ask your HR to reach out from their end to DOL. Hope this help. Good Luck!


@Sirigiriramya You can ask your attorney to check your case. If you mean DOL help desk, then they will not reply to you due to privacy concerns. PERM is an employer’s application and not your personal one.
Hence, only an employer can enquire about it.