A-21140-89533 09/20/2021 APPROVED User Comments PERMTracker

A-21140-89533 09/20/2021 APPROVED

This thread can be used to connect with this user’s case. Please be polite and ask meaningful questions in your conversations.


@Vijay- have you received approval on Saturday?

It’s approved from DOL on 3/16 and got update from company yesterday.


Would you mind sharing the region, please?

Not sure, may be Altanta.

what is your employer HQ?

Sharing my experience… My employer has withdrawn my case and refiled it due to some issue. They didn’t notify me. I came to know by verifying data published by USCIS @ Performance Data | U.S. Department of Labor. AM22 also reported case is Withdrawn. Just make sure your case is not withdrawn. On this page find PERM PERM_Disclosure_Data_FY2022 Q1.xlsx and look for your PERM number if certified, denied or withdrawn it will be here. If not it is good. Good luck. Same respect to employees everywhere big or small.