A-21141-90049 09/09/2021 APPROVED User Comments PERMTracker

A-21141-90049 09/09/2021 APPROVED

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Hi Congratulations…when did you get Email from your employer??

Hi Sujani, did you get your approval? @Sujani

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Not yet Sridhar… waiting My PD date was September 1st and Draft date May 12th… Thanks

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ok… i am also waiting… mine PD was September 2nd. Not sure with draft date. How can we know Drafted date? Does drafted date has an priority to process??

I don’t know…But some people guessing based on Draft date, employer name, and location…your A number tells the draft date…A-21 after 3numbers(day of the year)…And there is a whatsapp group September perm approvals…you can join…

Here is the link…

hey guys, i received PERM audit, applied 15th Sept, how long does it will take to get response / approval from DOL on perm if my company submit reply to DOL by next week. Thanks

Thanks for sharing whats app group

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