A-21143-90681 09/17/2021 APPROVED User Comments PERMTracker

A-21143-90681 09/17/2021 APPROVED

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@Kokila Can you please re-confirm if your PD is 17th SEPT only since August is still going on and your date is mid Sept?

Did perm get approved on Sunday? Very strange.

A21143 means it is May case. Seems to be incorrect data.

they might started drafting perm app in flag in may then interview and submitted in sept. but he need to confirm

@mohan I think perm application is valid for only 30 days once it is started drafting. It has to be submitted within 30 days

that isn’t correct, my PD is Sept 10 and DD - 21194

Yes this seems to be a mistaken entry.
Trackiit - Also not showing any sept. cleared cases except 1 which was there for a long time.
Sep 2021 75 74 1 0 0 1% 1% 5 months 2 days

I believe this is the correct update.

AM22-ADMIN - Can you comment how many August cases are still showing pending as per your repository. I wonder if any are left to be processed.

Guys. It is clearly a mistake. If you check his profile, you would find that he joined just yesterday.

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LOL… DOL works on Sunday :smiley: … I thought they even don’t work in weekdays :stuck_out_tongue:
Guys, Please update your case properly (Atleast expected from IT folks).