A-21146-92388 06/02/2021 APPROVED User Comments PERMTracker

A-21146-92388 06/02/2021 APPROVED

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@Abdullah_Al_Maruf can you please confirm if it come today or was a late update, just confused with the dates on and off for various approval confirmation?

It shows certified in portal just today Around 12PM EDT (11/19/2021)

It just came today Around 12:00 PM EDT (11/19/2021) in portal

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@Abdullah_Al_Maruf Which portal you were able to see?

From Employer account https://www.plc.doleta.gov/


@Abdullah_Al_Maruf thanks for the update Abdullah and Good luck for the process ahead


@Abdullah_Al_Maruf Mine is on June 1st haven’t heard any updates… is it sequential? Just curious

Not sequential, for example one certifying official take 1 to 100 number case and other take from 100 to 200 number case. So case number 90 will process after case number 140.


Any idea where to check the status?

That portal is for employer. How are you able to check the status? Can we create our log in?

He has clearly mentioned that his employer checked for him.

You, as an employee, do not have access to DOL portal as only employers who file PERM or their attorneys can access it.

No, You can’t create. If you have good relation to your employer might ask them to check frequently.

Can some other employer also check my case status if the case number is given?

@Abdullah_Al_Maruf Congratulation on your approval. Does they process the case in sequential order by dividing case in parts (A-21196,A-21197,A-21198) looks like 211 is common for all the PERM cases and independent of month (June,July,Aug).?

@Abdullah_Al_Maruf Does it starts/pick based on A-21196,A-21197,A-21198,A-21199 it looks like all cases starts with A-211XX are different numbers or it’s totally based on last 5 digit numbers.

I don’t have any idea.


211 means the calendar day of the year. This represents the day employer/attorney started the PERM application online.

Now, they may submit it the same day or may submit it after a month. I believe this 211 once assigned is not changed. I am not sure though.

If it is true, then 211 just gives you a ballpark idea that people who started their PERM application online in DOL system are getting approval.

DOL starts working on the application only after employer has ‘submitted’ it which may or may not be same as the date of starting application online.

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@Abdullah_Al_Maruf 21 is the year (2021) and rest 3 digits are Julian calendar day of employer/attorney started the PERM application online.


@Abdullah_Al_Maruf Did you hear anything about your PERM, im still waiting on mine as well. It was filed on june 17th