A-21159-97860 07/16/2021 APPROVED User Comments PERMTracker

A-21159-97860 07/16/2021 APPROVED

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Location and employer first letter please ?

Hi, can you please confirm if your PERM was filed on 7/16/21 or lawyer informed you of your case filing on that date?

Congrats. can you please confirm the filing date was 16 July OR 16 June?

Wow…1st July PD. Congrats.

in this same page, Mihir Shelar Jul 22 A-21200-77664 reported as approved


Congrats! Good luck for the next step!!

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Oh, I see that. Thanks.

This perm approval date looks like June 8th submission , that is 159th day in 2021

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I got approved on 12/10. Mine is 07/13 submission. so I think they started July.


Congrats. Good luck to you.

Great, thank you for sharing. Maybe the DOL website updates only once a month as it’s showing they are still processing June cases.

Congrats. Thanks for confirming the submission date.

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what is your first 4 digit of perm AXXXX ?

what is your A# … AXXXX

Congratulations bro …

Mine filled June 11 still not updated yet… waiting :blush:

Do you get a notice if the PERM goes into audit?

yes, attorney will notify you

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He has not yet received any notifications on my case