A-21160-98237 08/27/2021 APPROVED User Comments PERMTracker

A-21160-98237 08/27/2021 APPROVED

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congrats Prashanth, i see your case number is from A-21160,
I may be wrong here I was expecting Aug case starts from A21213, please let us know if you have any info


Case number is based on the perm drafted date. Draft Date is the date when your attorney has started drafting your PERM application in DOL portal. Typically Attorney’s start drafting PERM application well before actual submission day and file it later. In this case, Perm was drafted on 160 day (June 9) and filed on 27 Aug.


When I click on re-Estimate/ case status this website, I get this " You should have received your case approval by now. Check with your employer if they have received any Audit inquiry from DOL". What does this mean ? can Anyone help please. Thanks !

As Kar1 said above.My case was first drafted in June and then delayed for some company reasons but later filed on 08/27/2021 and received my approval copy on 01/11/2022.


Thanks for confirming. it helps

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Hi Prashanth, is it EB2 or EB3 ? Mine is filed on 1st August but haven’t received any update yet.

Does it mean that case is processed by A# rather than filing date ?

If so i should have got my approval with June cases.I believe it might be based on applied month.

I see, then it seems like it is first month and then sorted by A# number

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Congrats! Thanks for providing info.

Mine is filed on July 12th. When I checked the status on this website, I am getting the same message. Mine is still pending.

The results will be out anytime now. I guess we need to follow up with our respective Visa /Attorney team regularly (at least twice a week).

How do you check perm status online? I am getting error message in fol website

We cannot check the PERM status.Only Attorney can check status and inform us.

Hi Sagar, can you share the website where I can check the status.
Thank you

Hello Niraj, only our Attorney and Employer can check our PERM application status. Keep regular follow up with them to get latest status.

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Hello, my A number is 21196 but the filing date is September first week. As I assume my A number will be earlier than august and September filers, will I get a priority in getting approval result for my perm? Thanks

priority is by filing date

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How can you see the status of Perm filing? I believe it is only visible to the attorney?

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