A-21165-00687 10/20/2021 APPROVED User Comments PERMTracker

A-21165-00687 10/20/2021 APPROVED

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Congrats. Is your case approved today or you got to know today from attorney?

I have not received an official mail yet but on the intranet site, they have updated the status and also initiated I-140 process


Awesome. Good luck with the next steps.

Hi Khalil , which internet site you used to track the approval ?

Did not track online

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Congratulation! best wishes to all of us!

Hi. This site shows Nov 2021 processing will start May 31, 2022. But it shows my PERM is expected by 19th May, 2022.
My PERM was filed on 10th Nov 2021. When can I expect it?

I think he is referring to his employer’s internal website… where cases by the attorney’s are updated and tracked

Yes. That is correct.

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That is pretty good estimate.

May last week or first week of June