A-21167-02340 User Comments PERMCaseStatusCheck

@Huimin_Luo A-21167-02340 This thread can be used to connect with this user’s case. Please be polite and ask meaningful questions in your conversations.

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@Huimin_Luo Have you heard from DoL yet? Mine is A21168 PD 6/25.

not yet… how about you?

Not yet, please keep me posted. I will share my status too.

Hi, have your heard from your lawyer yet?

not yet, how about you?

same here :frowning:
Thanks for sharing…

Still haven’t heard from law firm. HR said just they will notify me once they have update.

Still no news for you?

not yet… how about you?

Same here, I am still waiting…

My PERM is certified today. Bless yours!

Congrats!!! Good luck with I 140!