A-21173-04974 07/01/2021 APPROVED User Comments PERMTracker

A-21173-04974 07/01/2021 APPROVED

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Congrats, July PERMS are picking up…

Congrats. Some miracle should happen and Augst application processing start from Jan 1st week


All cases are Draft date( 173 ) is before July

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Mine is A-21161,still pending

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whoever have Draft date before 181 ,should have come first . So your case may come before other case picked up in July

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my Attorney mentioned the date is July 1st

what does it mean by Draft date?

Yes , Attorney is right but he might started preparing your application before July . If its July Your A number last 3 digits will be 181+ . So in your case the application preparation started before July and submitted on July 2nd.

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Mine A-21162 is pending

Mine is A21190. PD July 12th still pending.

Congratulation and good luck for next round.

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July 12 approved , got notification today

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I have a question. I saw the recent fastest approval is A 21200. This is after 181 . Is there a way DOL process applications?