A-21194-16166 09/02/2021 APPROVED User Comments PERMTracker

A-21194-16166 09/02/2021 APPROVED

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Hi Kinchukdas - Congrats !!! Is your PD correct 2 Sep 2021? If yes, what is your comp first name and state?

Congratulations #Kinchukdas. What is your company 1st letter? And A# number start with?

Congratulations. Is your PD as 2 sep 2021? Can you pl confirm

Is DOL working on MLK day?

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Hello guys - could you please tell me how the company name first letter help here?

@ronald how will company 1st letter help ? Also the cases are picked up on A# number and not by filing date?

Hi folks. How do you use the company name and first letter to get an estimate?

Sorry, I did not receive yet. I was misinformed. My apologies

You mean you didn’t receive your PERM approval?

Other person who posted here PERM approval with PD date as 19th Sept, also seems to have deleted their post…

So I think only August PD is in progress and not September.