A-21204-77664 07/26/2021 APPROVED User Comments PERMTracker

A-21204-77664 07/26/2021 APPROVED

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can you pls confirm A# first 4 digit? A21XX?

Are the applications picked in the order of Priority Date or something else?

This is auto Generated number by AM22tech website. It generates number A## based on filling date when you don’t know the exact A###.
if anycase has “77664” in the end it is auto Generated by AM22tech website.

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Mine A-21161-99596 Jul 30 2021 and last week they sent us Audit notification letter.

AM22tech website don’t generate anything specific here. you can find the your PERM case full number in your ETA Form 9089. before submitting your case to DOL, the number is like T-YYDDD-XXXXX (YY - last 2 digit of the year, DDD - Julian calendar date & XXXXX - it is DOL generated random number). Once your 9089 form submits then “T” will convert as "A’.


A-21204 - here, on 23rd July 2021 they requested 9089 form from DOL but the actual submission was happened on 26th July (as per Kishore).


@Srini A : What @R mentioned is when you adding a case in am22tech as soon as you select apply date AM22Tech generates A number for you sometimes it wont change when you update so whatever case has “7764” needs confirmation , A number is correct. specially we have old drafted items applied in july getting approve a lot .

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Do you know how much time it usually takes from audit to decision?