A-21212-25353 09/15/2021 APPROVED User Comments PERMTracker

A-21212-25353 09/15/2021 APPROVED

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Do you know what is the region or company HQ for your approved PERM?

Did you receive mail from Employer or Attorney?

When did you come to know??

i am not sure about the region

i received the email from both my employer and Attorney. Employer email with the status and Attorney email with the next steps

i came to know from attorney on last friday 3/10. i got official email from employer today 3/14

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Thanks Sachin! It is helpful.

Hi Sachin,

Is the attorney name starts with F? Asking to understand how much time my attorney might take assuming we have the ‘same employer’!

Yes the Attorney name starts with ‘F’.

Thank you Sachin, thats really helpful.

Can you please share your employer HQ state or region from where it got approved?
refer below link your HQ state falls in which region?