A-21220-77664 08/11/2021 APPROVED User Comments PERMTracker

A-21220-77664 08/11/2021 APPROVED

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Whats you share you company name. My priority is Aug 11 and still waiting.

even mine filed date is 10AUG and still waiting, AM22 says that sept and OCT started

It would be worth waiting for one or two weeks. I had seen, my friends getting PERM approval between 4month 12days and 6 month 8 days.
Moreover, AM22 is not official channel to get the updates, works based on user inputs, if I am not wrong. Processing Times | Flag.dol.gov still says July 2021 is under Analyst review as per last update. I dont expect two month jump there with next update. Hope you will get soon. All the best.

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How many days approved pwd

Until you hear from your attorney / company stay positive.

Normal time seems to be 5.22 months

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