A-21229-77664 08/20/2021 APPROVED User Comments PERMTracker

A-21229-77664 08/20/2021 APPROVED

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Was your category EB2 or EB3 ? and it was applied on 20th August ?

Hi Sumit, Can you please double check and confirm us that your PD is 20 August not 20 July.


Hi Sumit, Is your PD 20th August 2021?

Looks like correct info drafted on 17 aug and PD is 20th based on a-21229 that is 229 day of the year

Looks like above A-21*** is generated by am22tech based on user inputs for PERM file date, it would have nice for everyone if Sumit Bhatnagar confirms it about Aug approvals.

It can be true.I got mine approved as well for PD 08/27/2021.

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Thanks Prashanth for confirming it