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Hi Devansh please let me know your employer if possible

Hi Devansh, please confirm your filing date and the employer if possible. Your inputs much helpful to us

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@Muralishankar : He already updated it as “E-IT PROFESSIONALS”

Is your PD is Sep 6th ? Please confirm

Hi Devansh…Congratulations…please confirm your filing date…

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looks like sep 2021 are started

congratulations, please confirm priority date.

Devansh has already confirmed. September priority date is current!

Not looking genuine here…

September 6th 2021 is my priority date


My filing date was September 6th 2021


Thanks for the reply…Good luck Devansh

Devansh, given Case Number Decision done on October 14, 2021, and the current status is “Withdrawn”. Please confirm if I am wrong…