A-21240-94291 08/31/2021 APPROVED User Comments PERMTracker

A-21240-94291 08/31/2021 APPROVED

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Congrats Raghu !!! Company first initial pls…

How does the company initial help?

how does it help? Please share

Congrats, Employer state or filing region please.

Curious, how does company initial, state or region help?

Did AM22 provided the update or the update is only available through employer or the attorney.

AM22 doesn’t confirm approvals. Case approvals should be coming only from attorney or employer.

Thanks… My case number is A-21234-34527 filed on 09/20/2021 is yours filed in Sep-2021 or earlier.

My case is from Dallas, TX

your application drafted on 234 th day of year but submitted it on sep. hence your number is 21234 and A is for Atalanta not for company name or employer.