A-21241-77664 09/01/2021 APPROVED User Comments PERMTracker

A-21241-77664 09/01/2021 APPROVED

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Hi Priya - Can you confirm if you got your approval or mistake while entering the data?

did sep 2021 processing started? mine is 21 sep 2021

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Hi Priya, your input is valuable to the community here so that we know if September 2021 cases are being picked up for processing. Thanks in advance.


Did DOL started for September filer?? I am November filer but I have a friend who filed on August but not got decision yet. Is perm processing time same for H1b and EB3??? I am EB3 filer

Looks like Prius’s application was started on 29 August and may be filed in September but Priya will have to confirm this.


Why it was updated to 7th October? It doesn’t look like user made the update.

When I checked yesterday AM22 was estimating approval by 7th of March. Which is more than 1 month away. Now it is saying “You should have received your case approval by now. Check with your employer if they have received any Audit inquiry from DOL.” My PERM date is 20th of September 2021. Not sure what logic AM22 is applying to give these estimates. Looks like there is no other option other than waiting patiently for a word from employer !

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Mine is 21 sep 2021 and no update yet , looks like sep processing just started

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AM22 estimates based on the users input, you can ignore it. My PERM filing date is also sept 20 2021.

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Yes, looks like sept just started. I see one approval in trackitt as well. The DOL processes few filings in alphabetical order…

i wonder how Oct cases are approved


AM22 did some magic. It is not from user 'Priya". User entered date of filing is sept 1st.

Mine was filled on September 1st…but didn’t get approval…

Sept just started, you just have to wait. If the company name starts with A/B/C you may me lucky to get approval in next 3 days.

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Again, you can ignore the message. If yours is sept, you should hear something in next 30days

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Joker Priya having fun!


It’s a fake entry…Am22 team … please remove this case.


very true! Sept is just started. So no chance of Oct getting approved


are you sure, company name will matters ?