A-21257-44268 09/24/2021 APPROVED User Comments PERMTracker

A-21257-44268 09/24/2021 APPROVED

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Congrats Harish! is your case approved today or you got updated from your employer today? can please share the region and company first letter

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Yes approved today. DoL had sent email to employer and attorney. Employer forwarded me email.

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Thank you! Best wishes for you

Congrats Harish - I think the approved date shows as 22-Feb, isn’t that should be 22-March

sorry, maybe i was too excited. i will update the date.


I haven’t received mine since 15th Sept 2021. still waiting


Does anyone know if employers receive the response by mail or email?

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Probably audited,contact your employer to see whats going on.

Mostly by email only…

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My company filed on 21st Sep, 2021. Still haven’t received an approval. Lawyer says he hasn’t heard anything so far. Does anyone know how order of applications is decided? Seems like applications filed on 24th Sep are getting approved before 21st Sep is done.

Mine is September 13, and as per my employer/lawyer still NO update yet.

Applications are reviewed randomly. So, waiting is the key.

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I got the same response as well. 20th Sept and looks like they have received 14th Sept cases.

Did you receive ur approval?

Sept 13, still waiting