A-21264-77664 09/17/2021 APPROVED User Comments PERMTracker

A-21264-77664 09/17/2021 APPROVED

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your draft date is 264th i.e. 21Sept, how can be your priority be 17Sept? Can you please recheck and confirm?


My number starts with A-21270, so what’s my date? I don’t know what these numbers mean.

It is the 270th day of 2021(September 27, 2021) when your attorney started the case with DOL.


@Michele your draft date is sept 27th. 270 is the Julian date…

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Thanks Cherry and Ravi for responding! Do the following numbers have any meaning?

Hi! We dont know our DD attorney didn’t share any date! They sent a mail saying that our perm was filed on 17/09. And today morning it was approved !

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I Didn’t provide any number but somehow this app showed number.

Not sure if this correct my # A-21253 which 09/10 per Julian, but my attorney is still waiting for update.