A-21265-48572 10/30/2021 APPROVED User Comments PERMTracker

A-21265-48572 10/30/2021 APPROVED

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what is your location ?

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Oct 30th was Saturday …


It’s common to have Saturday as a date! this is not the first time

Earlier there were cases from Nov that were approved. Why is it not showing up now? Is Nov processing started or not?

I don’t see much updates since last week. may be not many people have added there case from November. My priority date is 11/08/2021 and status is under review.

Yes, stuck in November …may come in bulk next week…

Mine is 11/2 … still waiting for an update.

Hi Akshay , where did you check your status as “review” ? can we check status of our Perm Application ?

My attorney checked it. We can’t check it.